First Persephone home page picture

I have enjoyed drawing since I could first hold a pencil.  Having trained to teach Art and Geography, I did that for many years.  I now spend most of my time drawing and painting.

Abstract painting has always appealed.  Having produced pictures in many styles & mediums, both figurative and abstract, I have now decided to combine my love of abstract painting with my long time leanings towards pen & ink drawing.  The reason why some of the pictures are labelled “line & wash” and others are “wash & line” Is because with the former, the line was done first, with the latter, the wash was first.

Second Persephone home page picture

It has been a long journey, being, perhaps, true to oneself.  The pages on this website reflect this journey and, maybe, there will be something for everyone.  With the interest in Geography, there might be leanings towards land & seascapes.  Travel, both in Britain and abroad, features in my work.  Flowers and plants pop up from time to time.

Enjoy our journey.